Pragmatic and without flourish.

Integrated development environments? Only when it has to be. Otherwise: Better trivial text editors like vi or notepad++. True to the motto:
Keep it simple.

Developer of     My Training Regeneration Status

Online-Tool for Muscle Building and Power Sports

Focal points.

Almost always: Customization programming.

Here are the topics I have been dealing with for several years:

Rather the exception: The beginning at zero.
Mostly the adaptation of an already existing system to the special needs of the user.


Colourful variety instead of grey wasteland.

Here are my more or less familiar playgrounds, which mean my digital home:

No narrow-minded specialization on what countless others already have to offer.
There quite better: Everything that somehow has to do with scripting ... and ideally is supported by an open community.


Am I the right partner?

Hard to say – at least from my point of view. I'm unconventional anyway.
But most of my customers claim that I would always offer solid and quickly available solutions.

If so, then I'm satisfied with my work.

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Birth year 1965, born in Eisenstadt (Austria)
Secondary technical college (HTL) for mechanical engineering, Wr. Neustadt, examination 1984

Career milestones

Firma from/to Activities

Wustinger Antriebstechnik,
Wr. Neudorf


Technical draughtsman, detail designer

ETM (EDV-Technik Mühlgassner), Eisenstadt


Software development, project management, marketing, management assistance, strategic planning

MLS (Management- und Logistik-Systeme), Vienna


Product management, project management, advertising and public relations, assistance to division management, sales of document management systems

Data Systems Austria, Vienna


Sales of complete IT solutions for ERP (enterprise resource planning) and accounting as well as data mining

Xerox Austria, Vienna


Sales of digital printing solutions (hardware and software) with a focus on the graphic arts industry

SND (Schoeller Network Design), Vienna


Distribution of network solutions in the LAN, WAN and internet sectors

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Austria, Vienna


Distribution of digital printing solutions, solution engineer as intermediary between sales and technical departments, focus on variable data printing

develop-it Ing. Michael Lipp

seit 2004

self-employed, commercial IT services and advertising agency

Professional experience

The entire professional career is permeated by the topic to translate between experts and users, between technicians and managers, between specialists and laymen. This role was important in the development of user documentation for complex software systems, the presentation of relevant messages in advertising and public relations or when working as a sales agent of specialized systems from the the high-tech sector (IT and database solutions, network concepts or digital printing systems).

From the combination of an exact working method (technical education) with the habit of looking at problems from the customer's perspective (experience in sales, advertising and public relations) results in favourable conditions for the establishment of an one-person company, which is strongly dependent on effective cooperation with other companies in its mode of operation. The insight into the “thinking worlds” of technicians, creative people and recyclers offers a solid basis for this.

Professional experience as an employee in companies of all sizes – from one-man operations to international corporations such as Xerox or Heidelberger – have led to the conclusion that isolated peak performances often cannot be integrated into the organizational system and therefore do not promote the success of the whole to the extent that would be possible and desirable. This led to the conviction that a pragmatic approach should be used to focus on practical feasibility – special know-how and creativity, but steered in real-life tracks. Structured thinking, clear conceptual work as well as the emphasis on effective presentations are also results of this knowledge process.


Just make a quick buck?

I come from a time when a well-functioning and resilient cooperation was an essential factor in the long run. And yes, I am well aware that many people in our neoliberal globalized world see it differently today. But I still forget the luxury of high-quality professional partnerships.

My opinion: In the end this is good for both sides.

„I have known Michael Lipp for 15 years now. Since then, our partnership has been a reliable constant in our very dynamic environment. Whenever it comes to combining the three areas of customer focus, technical expertise and pragmatism, Mr. Lipp is on hand.”

Vice President Professional Services, Product & Engineering at Saba Software (2019)

Developer of     My Training Regeneration Status

Online-Tool for Muscle Building and Power Sports

myTRS in 1 minute

Regeneration based build-up training

Our online tool should introduce itself after all. In 1 minute maximum.

myTRS in 1 minute

Heart concerns.

What is regeneration-based build-up training?

The optimal balance to a top-heavy job? For me, the clear preference is regeneration-based build-up training. But what is regeneration-based build-up training?

The stimulation of natural muscle building occurs through intensive and specific training impulses. However, the build-up of strength and muscle mass can only take place if the loaded muscles can recover (regenerate) long enough and then even reach a state of overshooting recovery (supercompensation): In this state, the muscle is a little more powerful than before. And it is precisely in this period of supercompensation that the next training stimulus should take place.

However, practical observations as well as scientific studies suggest that the time needed for regeneration is not always the same: it depends on the previous intensity as well as on the trained muscle group. And since almost every exercise in weight training stresses several muscle parts, determining the current load profile of one's own body becomes a complex matter – reason enough for the development of the online tool myTRS.

Blog post: regeneration-based build-up training

Interested? More information can be found on the myTRS blog.
Regeneration-based build-up training as the solution?

Admittedly: A blog with longer texts is not everyone's cup of tea. Many prefer rather short and crisp as they are common in the world of social media. Here you go: